Transloading & Cross-Docking Solutions

Getting your products where they need to go for less.

Transloading Explained

Did you know transferring your cargo between different modes of transit can increase supply chain efficiency and save you money?

This practice, known as transloading, has been crucial in supply chain optimization. At Advanced Bonded, we’re experienced in transloading and are happy to offer these solutions to perfect your shipping process. We can migrate and reload your inbound shipments so that they reach their destination securely and affordably.

Understanding Cross-Docking

You can save money on warehousing costs and reduce the handling of your products by hiring Advanced Bonded for cross-docking services.

But first, what is cross-docking? It’s simply the process of shipping goods from an inbound to an outbound carrier with minimal time in between. This means that when we receive your products, we quickly process and ship them so they can make their way to their destination without any unnecessary time in a warehouse. We can typically cross-dock shipments in less than 24 hours, keeping customers (and you) happy.

How You Can Benefit

Reduced Storage Costs
Less Product Handling
Decreased  Labor Costs
Shortened Lead Times
Fewer Damages



Reworking Services

Picture a truck driver slamming on the brakes, sending your precious products flying. Your goods now lay strewn out on the highway, vulnerable. Before you start counting your losses, know that damaged products don’t have to be a money pit. 

When items have been compromised during shipping, our team steps in to rework the goods. Regardless of the cause, our extensive resources enable us to restore your shipments to a deliverable quality. We conduct a thorough inspection and repair any damaged items. Save money and eliminate the need to return items to their original packing facilities with our reworking services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer daily, weekly, or monthly storage options for cross docking/transloading/reworking clients?

Yes we do!

Do you offer transportation?

Not directly but we have a network of national independent and larger carriers as well as local carriers in the Carolinas we trust.

Can you transload from one container to a 53' dry van?

Yes - we can transload from one modality to another - such as flat bed to dry van, flat bed to container, etc.

Will you hand unload a container of boxed product and palletize?

Yes! This is generally our most used service for one time customers.