Warehouse Management System


All orders are created, fulfilled, and shipped by the WMS. Your company can place orders via our WMS web portal or send us order details by email (or spreadsheets for large volume clients) which we will then process. Future orders can be placed to reserve stock or simply just to keep track of orders that may not ship for days or weeks. The WMS helps take the burden of fulfilling orders so your firm can concentrate on selling more product! Historical order and shipment tracking is available for your staff 24/7/365 if it is ever needed.


Returns Processing 

Does your product ship to major retailers? Then its inevitable that returns will be in your future and our WMS can ease the burden. Issuing and tracking Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) for major retailers such as Amazon, Lowe’s, or Wal-Mart is necessary to do business with them. Our staff, with the training of your product experts, can inspect and refurbish most electronic or mechanical goods. Even if your items don’t see many returns, the warehouse management system and our staff are here to help in the event of it occurring.


Cost Tracking

A major benefit to using our WMS is to track all aspects of the costs incurred to sell your product, such as inbound and outbound shipping, fulfillment costs, and manufacturing costs. Having one system to track all of this information could potential cost your company thousands of dollars in accounting software, and accounting software isn’t great for inventory tracking on a manufacturers scale. Again, these cost tracking features are standard in our WMS for every client.