The Advantages Of Using A Records Storage Facility

records storage

Record keeping is important in every single company that does business with consumers. If you own a business and have documents, receipts, and important records that need storage, then you what you really need is professional warehousing.

There are many benefits to storing your business records in an offsite warehouse, besides just saving space on paperwork. Corporations big and small are realizing the numerous advantages of a records storage facility, which include:
1. Safekeeping of all important records

2. No more worries about locating important records quickly

3. More secure than in-house records storage

4. Paper documents grow old, become damaged, or even destroyed, so keeping them in the proper climate cannot be expressed enough.

5. Digital documents can be produced and stored to back up paper documents, legally and quickly

6. Excess paper documents can create a fire risk, so storing in a protected facility is advised

7. Records storage requires no inventory for your company as the warehouse keeps a continuous inventory of your documents

If you have been aggressive and tenacious in your business, don’t let it fall due to improper records storage management. A sensible decision maker will see the benefits to storing their documents off site versus on location. Records can be easily accessed online, and the storage company you choose will be glad to tell you all about the specific services they offer your company. Something else to consider is this; by taking your storage needs to a warehouse off site, you are saving space that can be better utilized by something else. It just makes sense to store your work records, and has never been simpler to do than it is today.

By hiring a 3pl, or Third Party Logistics firm who distributes and fulfills your product orders, interacts with your online vendors, and handles your return merchandise, you can easily integrate inventory with your online business. Charlotte, NC is a major hub for freight on the east coast and subsequently warehousing, with over 300 full-time freight companies operating within the city. This is great news for your order fulfillment needs, as shipping costs are lower than our neighbors in Greensboro, Raleigh, and now even Atlanta, on average.

Make sure to contact a full service and confidential management center that provides some of the most profitable businesses with shredding, scanning, and records storage services. Only trust in a business that is a  fully insured, bonded, and fire suppressed single-tenant building.  One more sound point of advice is to ensure that the chosen facility does not store hazardous or flammable materials and is a non-smoking facility. Routinely, all activities of the storage warehouse should be recorded 24/7/365 via closed circuit television cameras, along with a private alarm monitoring service, for extra security purposes.

Do online research, ask for references, and call a reputable company today to discuss your business needs. They can show you how to accomplish what you need to better your storage situation, and save you money at the same time.