Confidential Paper Shredding Services

paper shredding

If you are currently using a fly-by-night mobile document shredding company, you are at risk. These companies simply do not have the bonded insurance, hiring practices, and focus on confidentiality and integrity that a records management company has. There is a reason why they do not STORE records, they only DESTROY them! In minutes we will turn years worth of documents into unrecognizable little bits of paper for recycling. We can also place locked bins in your location, either barrels or Personal Document Containers, to be collected and shredded on a schedule.

At Advanced Bonded in Charlotte,NC we offer secure, off-site document shredding services that allow Advanced to be your TOTAL Records Management provider. Using industry-certified equipment, all confidential information is guaranteed to have been destroyed with our destruction certification. Records storage clients get free transportation and reduced rates!

Recurring Service

Standardize your organization’s document destruction policies and procedures so you never have to worry about unsecured documents sitting around waiting to be shredded by employees. You may actually be increasing your company’s liability, as well as your total costs, by having an employee perform your document shredding! All of our shredded paper is mixed together and sent offsite to paper recyclers. No paper sorting occurs at Advanced Bonded during any portion of the document shredding process, and the only time in which the paper is accessed is to dump it straight into the shredder out of its bin.

paper shredding

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