Our Document Storage Facility

document storage

Safe, Secure, and Room to Grow…

All storage boxes are kept at Advanced Bonded’s single-tenant, 62,000 square foot document storage facility located at 299 Dupree Street Charlotte, NC 28208. The facilities are roughly 4 miles from uptown Charlotte, NC and are located directly on Interstate 85. All documents are stored and segregated by customer and by customer department if warranted. Currently the facility holds in inventory over 100,000 cubic feet in storage containers with many more added daily. It is a steel constructed building with a non-combustible roof located above the local flood plain with a dry chemical fire suppression system.

Physical and Data Security Measures

The facility is secured by:

  • 64 CCTV cameras surveying the entire property, inside and out
  • Concertina wired fencing around all property lines with locked gates at every entrance
  • 24/7/365 offsite burglar alarm and fire monitoring services
  • Employee time and date specific entry via RFID card systems
  • Hardware and software firewalls in-between WAN (wide-area networks) and LAN (local-area networks)
  • All document storage data, including indices, inventories, logs, and scanned images, are backed up daily on-site and off-site using physical and cloud backup services.
  • No hazardous or flammable material is stored within warehouse area
  • Employees are not allowed to smoke on the property or within the building or company vehicles.

When you need secure document storage in Charlotte, NC, call Advanced Bonded.