Document Imaging/Scanning

Our Document Scanning Process

document scanning

  • Documents go through the preparation process in which all staples are removed, documents are removed from folders, sticky notes can be prepared for scanning or discarded according to specifications, and lead sheets properly placed in documents.
  • Documents are scanned utilizing a Fi5900C Fujitsu commercial scanner.  Advanced Bonded standard is 240dpi, but documents can be scanned up to 400dpi upon request.  Document scanning can be in B&W, Grayscale and color.
  • Documents are processed through the software to auto orient, de-skew, de-speckle and remove blank pages.
  • Documents are indexed according to the specifications and then a separate Quality Control team member will verify the indexing as valid by checking each index for accuracy.  Lead sheets provide the separation point between each file and are processed by the software.
  • Documents go through the Quality Control process.  Each document will be viewed for quality.  This process will locate poor documents for rescanning, delete any remaining blank documents, further orient if necessary, crop, remove any borders, etc.
  • Once completed, documents can be exported in various formats.  These include TIFF, single page TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, and BMP.  Index data is exported into the required format of the document management software.

Emphasis on Accuracy

document scanning

All document scanning at Advanced Bonded goes through our rigorous quality control process where we review 100% of the images scanned. An image management software solution will be utilized to de-skew, de-speckle, auto orient, index, review and export documents and metadata in the format specified by the customer.  Any images flagged as poor contrast, bent corners, double feeds, etc. will be pulled and rescanned.  Our current error ratio is perfect as of 2013 with zero errors within our company audits and from audits performed by the customer. In other words, Advanced Bonded has scanned millions of documents with no errors reported.